The California-China Office of Trade and Investment provides Californian companies increased access to Chinese business contacts, provides Chinese investors with access to California projects that will benefit from increased investment, and facilitates new investment and trade growth between California and China. It is operated by the Bay Area Council in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, under the leadership of the Advisory Board.

The California-China Office of Trade and Investment will run programs that address several areas including, but not limited to:

*  Promoting foreign investment into California;

*  Facilitating increased two-way international business growth, with an emphasis on expanding foreign sales by California employers, including not only manufacturers, agricultural enterprises, and commodity producers, but also service providers such as universities, banks, consulting companies, and the like;

*  Supporting continued growth of California’s role as a gateway state for goods movement and passenger travel; and

*  Identifying and addressing barriers to international expansion by California employers.

Delivering as large as possible a dollar value of economic outcomes for the people of California along two primary measures:

*  Commitments and active consultations for new foreign investment into California from Greater China with direct involvement of the Trade Office, GO-Biz and partners; and

*  New revenues reported by California enterprises resulting from support by the Trade Office, GO-Biz, and partners.


California-China Office of Trade and Investment 2014 Annual Report

Establishment of a California-China Office of Trade and Investment – 2013