Helping California companies expand in China

Working with partners in the US federal government, through California State resources, and across a transpacific network of business and government contacts, the California-China Office of Trade and Investment will counsel California entrepreneurs interested in expanding into China.

Outbound trade services provided by the California-China Trade and Investment Office will include:

* Arranging and hosting customized delegation trips to China, tailored according to the makeup of the group

* Matching California delegates and investors with Chinese business representatives, distributors, professional associations, government contacts, and licensing or joint venture partners in targeted export markets and with regard to investment opportunities

* Building and maintaining relationships established between California and Chinese parties through the trade and investment program

* Supporting Chinese investment in California projects

Attracting investment back into California

Assisting Chinese businesses to land and prosper in our state will feed trade flows, create jobs, and attract more funding. The Trade and Investment Office will feed the building momentum, supporting Chinese investment in California from start to finish. The California-China Trade and Investment Program is prepared to assist in:

* Introducing investors to California markets, US business customs and tax structures, and helpful state, local, and federal business assistance programs

* Arranging custom, one-on-one meetings with California government officials, business leaders, and essential partners at California universities, research institutions, foundations, think tanks and more to help inbound investors establish their business presence

* Connecting Chinese entrepreneurs with professional service providers experienced with helping Chinese companies expand into California, including to investment advisors, financial analysts, legal representatives, real estate developers, and immigration-related experts, among others

* Guiding entrepreneurs through the process of establishing a U.S. and California business entity

Through access to a statewide working group comprised of California’s top business and economic development organizations, the Trade and Investment Office also will connect Chinese investors to potential business partners across all sectors around the state.