California is the premiere destination for Chinese business.  Renowned for its pace-setting entrepreneurial spirit, its highly educated workforce, its wealth of financial, legal, and high-technology resources, and its groundbreaking leadership in innovation and environmental sustainability, California is a global gateway for world-class trade and commerce.

A dynamic and robust economy

California is the top state for attracting foreign direct investment. Foreign companies employ nearly 561,000 California workers, and the state ranks number one in the nation for the highest number of employees supported by U.S. subsidiaries.

Quick facts:

  • California is home to 53 of the U.S. Fortune 500 companies.
  • California receives four times more venture capital than the nation’s average.
  • California has more high tech jobs than any other state with 931,000 people employed in high paying jobs.
  • California’s 2,323 biomedical companies employ 267,271people. This industry accounts for $115.4 billion in annual revenues – which is more than 18 states’ annual Gross State Product.
  • California is the number one state for agriculture revenues, with $34.8 billion in revenue representing 12.3 percent of the U.S. total.

California’s robust trade relations with China are an essential competitive advantage.  Helping Chinese business land and prosper in our State will grow our trade flows, create more jobs, and attract funding for new projects.